1798 Sandra Silvers, Ariel Anderssen, Lisa Harlotte, Ruth Cassidy,

11:40 video

October 7, 2016
Four Duct Taped Secretaries in an ON-SCREEN Gagging Extravaganza!
The four executives of Shur-Tite Duct Tape, Incorporated were reveling in record profits.  Sales are through the roof and there is a ton of cash on hand. A detail the hulking shop manager noticed. All he needed to do was to incapacitate the ladybosses long enough to grab the cash and make his getaway. The sexy supervisors come in all shapes and sizes from long and lithe to curvy and buxom. Because of the huge supply of duct tape on hand, Ariel, Sandra, Ruth and Lisa have been aggressively and thoroughly taped to four conference chairs. They struggle against their sticky bondage, but this is Shur-Tite brand duct tape, the highest quality you can buy and he used a lot of it on each of the sexy struggling MILFs. They thought he was finished and had left so they struggle, in vain, to escape. But he didn't leave, he just went tot he warehouse to get more tape. One-by-one we get a close up of the cloth gags currently keeping them semi-quiet get stuffed deep in to their mouths, filling their cheeks and then sealed in with more duct tape wrapped around their heads, and over their hair!  Their mouths thoroughly muzzled, he has plenty of time to make his getaway before the morning shift arrives...

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