1633 - Sandra Silvers & Ruth Cassidy with AJ Marion, Pling, Caroline Pierce & Li

22:15 video

September 18, 2015
Extreme Gag-Extravaganza of A Half-Dozen Tied Damsels, All  On –Screen!
Continued from 1627:
Caroline stands between Sandra and Ruth, the two statuesque visions of  bondage beauty.  She’s quite smug with herself. She and Lisa managed to get four times more product than they bargained for. As she surveys the landscape littered with bound and gagged moneybags, she is taken completely by surprise when Lisa’s long delicate fingers find that nerve in her neck and the world begin to fade away…
She awakens on the floor, Lisa’s knee firmly planted between Caroline’s shoulder blades. Her wrists are cruelly tied behind her back. A cacophony of stifled whimpers and screams fill her ears as Lisa pulls Caroline into a tight, cross-legged hogtie. With some duct tape over her mouth, Caroline now joins the chorus.  Lisa’s plan worked. She was able to deceive all five ladies into delivering themselves to her so that she can now deliver all of them to the buyer, who is only a short phone call away.
The buyer is a bear of a man. Large and definitely charge.  He has no time for the pompous, preening blond who can’t help but regale him of her ingenuity in attaining such a prize.  She was merely a wisp, unable to resist him when he decided to take her as well.  He drags her to the floor and holds her effortlessly as resists and pleads to not join the struggling sorority surrounding her. Her cries fall on deaf ears. Those same cries are soon silenced as he stuffs a rag deep in to her mouth. “Finally.” He thinks as he wraps microfoam tape around Lisa’s head.  Though thoroughly quieted, he knows that these flimsy duct tape gags are going to draw attention to the warehouse before he can arrange the pickup. One-by-one, he inspects the products and replaces the silver tape minimally stifling them with mouth-filling cloths and jaw-immobilizing medical tape. He begins with Caroline. A welcome addition, she’ll fetch a good price. He then moves to AJ and Pling. Thin, fit. Good, there’s a market for that.  He then moves on to his prizes, the main reason he risked this underhanded undertaking. Sandra and Ruth.  The gorgeous, busty bitches that will command the highest price. These two have been bound and gagged for over an hour and they still have fight in them. Very encouraging. That kind of stamina and energy combined with such beauty will drive the bids higher and higher.  He leaves them in the darkness as he leaves to fetch the van…

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