1800 8 MILFs Tied in the Van!

13:53 video

October 13,  2016
Part 8 of 8 of an 8-MILF, Movie-Length, Mini-Series Event!
This Episode: MINI_SERIES FINALE! Caroline Captured, Making 8 Bound & Gagged MILFs Loaded into the Van!
Previous Episode: Crazy Captor AJ Becomes Comely Captive #7 once KO'd by Caroline! All On-Screen!

All on Screen  - Caroline is pretty proud of herself. She had conned AJ into assisting in the nabbing of all the other ladies in the office.  Once those six were all tightly tied up, gagged and topless, Caroline betrayed her helper and made it seven. The contact was for eight, but she is sure her buyer will be pleased with seven. Besides, Caroline will be able to retire nicely on 87.5% of the price. As Caroline is making one last check of the knots on the secured secretaries in septuplicate (look it up ;-) She hears the van pull up just on the other side of the steel overhead doors. They're right on schedule! The door flies open and silhouetted in the sunlight is the buyer, Ben, a blond broad, bearded brute in black and boots.  Caroline is proud and happy to see him. But she's concerned. He's not smiling. He counts out the beautiful booty of, um, booty and realizes Caroline is one gal short. Caroline assures him that seven is a good haul and he pleasantly assures her that he isn't going to worry about it. She's so relieved when he heads back to the van to open the sliding side door. She sure dodged that one and now she'll be rewarded for her efforts. With a sweet-smelling rag over her face. Once his strong arms were around her she probably wouldn't have been able to break free anyway, but with her consciousness slipping away, it becomes a certainty. It's lights out for our enticing entrepreneur. The contract was for eight. He has no intention of leaving, with anything less. With plenty of time to tightly tie the final piece of this awesome octadic, Her blouse is torn open for a quick peek and grope. This rouses Caroline and she is awake and aware as the rag is shoved into her mouth and, just like her seven sisters, microfoam tape is wrapped around her head to seal it in.   With his eight topless trophies ready for pickup, he enlists the help of his sidekick to load the lovelies into the lorry. Starting with Ruth and continuing to Sandra, AJ, Samantha, Jackie, Lisa, Caroline and finally Vivienne, each pretty prize is lifted and carried into the waiting van. Caroline came through. Unfortunately, she'll be unavailable for future contracts.

Starring: Sandra Silvers, Ruth Cassidy, Samantha Grace, Lisa Harlotte, Jackie Christianson, Vivienne Velvet, Caroline Pierce, AJ Marion

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