2195 Sydney Hale

3:12 video

April 12, 2019
A good pre workout stretch is very important...

So it has been awhile since I've worked out, ya know summer laziness. I got all suited up to workout and was hijacked by my guy. With a devious little smile he convinced that a pre-workout stretch would help make nice and loose for my workout. He doesn't want me pulling a muscle. He starts my stretching by tying my arms like chicken wings, telling me that rolling my shoulders back will help open up my airways and will help my breathing. I roll my eyes as he adds the crotch rope tightly around me. Asking him to explain that one, he said the crotch was simply for his visual pleasure. He gives the crotch rope a nice tug pulling it further up nice and snug between my legs. As he shoves some panties and ties an ace bandage around my head, he tells me that this will help my practice controlled breathing. I was not too happy about this, the panties were shoved way down there. It took a lot of energy to not throw up. He tied my ankles and thighs together saying this will help with the final stretch of the night. He man handles me to the floor looking very smug as I moan and struggle on the floor. Lastly he added a rope to my ankles, up and around my elbow rope and then anchored around my mouth holding the gag in and then back around my forehead. XXXX me to hold my head up in a very uncomfortable position. He was very  proud of how good he was able to stretch me. After he untied me I decided that that was a workout enough!  

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