2367 Sydney Hale

4:02 video

February 7, 2020

Blue socks and panties tight on the floor....

I was feeling all cute and sassy in my baby blue outfit! I wiggled and shook around my stuff to get my guy's attention. Although, that didn't take long he was playing hard to get.... I hopped about so my ass was shaking just for him. Finally he caved in and attacked me with a firm hand to the ass. Boy did I squeal with excitement. Next thing you know my arms were being tied behind my back. And for added pleasure and excitement a crotch rope was anchored to the rope around my body. I tried to hop away but my guy took that ability away from me very quickly.  He started with a rope tightly around my upper thighs then worked his way  down my legs with fancy knots all the way down to my ankles. My legs were so tightly together that my ankle bones were rubbing hard against each other, making standing not a very good option. As he laid me on the floor to look at his handy work another slap to the ass to show me who was in charge now. Then with my panties, my guy rolled them up and shoved them into my mouth. And secured my mouth shut with duct tape. And since duct tape I've discovered will come off on its own if you drool enough, my guy then secured it with an ace bandage. And then I couldn't wiggle and shake anymore! 

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