2559 Sydney Hale, Barefoot Frogtie!

2:59 video

January 8, 2021
Post Workout Frog-Tie!

I got more than I bargained for on my after work out, work out! my guy didn't like how sweaty my arms were so he put long socks to cover my arms so he wouldn't have to touch my sweat. He tied my wrists behind my back and then added a lovely little crotch rope. He made the rope tight around my belly so it was bulging very unlady like. I was so embarrassed. I was complaining about my jaw hurting so my guy said he had just the thing to stretch it and make it better...he put the 2" harness ball gag in. It actually made my jaw feel worse. He wrestled me to the floor where he managed to get one leg into a frog tie. Not only did the rope go around my leg he managed to tie it off around my big toe. Which is the absolute worst! I struggled to try and escape but was having no such luck, I was drooling all over the place and I kept laying my face down in my own drool, and my drooling into my hair. I was not pleased! He poked at me a little bit more before he tied my other leg in a frog tie. Luckily he ran out of rope to not tie my toes. Finally he tied my elbows very tight and I immedietly started losing in my fingers. This after work out, work out was not what I was imagining! 

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