2349 Blair Blouson

9:29 video

January 8, 2020
There is a new super-fun, and colorful, bondage site out there filled with all your favorite gals is a fresh, new bondage style. TiedandTaped.com.  Head on over there now and tell 'em Sandra sent ya.  Take a look at this sample video they sent us to share with you!

Babysitter Blair Blouson left a date early to go babysitting the Little Shitz. That was her first mistake. Still in her cute black dress, she wound up with her wrists duct taped behind her back and her ankles duct taped together. She warned the brats repeatedly to not use any more duct tape, but they ignored her and added several strips to her mouth. She tries her best to get free, but the tape isn't giving. This worries her since she knows that Dad is a bit of a pervert himself and she doesn't want him to find her like this. But for all her attempts at escape, it's inevitable that she's going to be found. And dear old Dad lives down to his reputation, telling her how hot she looks like that.To her horror and shock,  he tells her he's going to put the brats to bed and then the two of them can have  a good time. While he's gone, she manages to break the tape on her ankles and tries running off, but she probably isn't going to get very far at all.

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