2364 Sandra Silvers

15:30 video

February 1, 2020
Startled by Burglar, Disrobed Buxom MILF Damsel gets Gagged, Bound and Bagged for Transportation!
A Custom Video!

Sandra, getting ready for her day, donned a pink satin robe, black garter belt, nylon stockings, and heels before heading to the bathroom to complete her hair and make-up. Engrossed in her task, headphones filling her ears with sing-a-long music she fails to notice the intruder sneaking up on her… Catching her unawares, he subdues the salacious, silver haired stunner and utilizes her silky robe as a gag, baring the broad’s beautiful big boobs in the process. We move close up as her gagging gets serious – a giant foam ball is stuffed into her mouth, and held in place with over the hair wraps of tight, white, microfoam tape. Cruel ropes lash her arms and legs with taught binds, and with every struggle, a persistent, scratchy crotch rope digs deeper and deeper into her perfectly trim pussy. Wide eyed Sandra pleads with her captor but he continues, unperturbed, with his task – body bagging her in a zip-close sleepsack! Perfectly packaged, he OTS (over the shoulder) carries her out, ready for transportation!

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