2450 Sandra Silvers, Yoga Instructor Nabbed!

8:15 video

July 2, 2020
Barefoot, Bound, Damsel in Distress MILF Captured before Class, Wearing Yoga Pants! Foot Focus Close Ups! Bondage Struggles!
Sandra had parked round the back of her yoga studio, a couple minutes late for class, the lot was already empty of the usual crowd, ‘best hurry!’ she thinks, grabbing her mat out of the trunk.  In such a rush she failed to notice the burly bloke behind her…  Now she stirs, on the dirty floor of an abandoned trailer, missing her class and the past few hours, maybe longer.  She tries to stretch but the tight ropes tied around her thighs, keeping them scrunched up to her stomach, stop her attempts to stand up, though they highlight that awesome ample ass swathed in skintight lycra  ;-)  The fabric stuffing her mouth and see-through tape gag halt her attempts to cry for help.  Her futile fingers search for knots behind her back to no avail; bound at the ankles her barefoot struggles are hindered even more.   As her terrific tits bounce within her vest and frantic distress, the damsel begins to think escape may be impossible…

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