2489 MILF Gigi

12:29 video

September 9, 2020
Have you seen MILFGigi's bondage site, www.MILFGigi.com yet? What are you waiting for?!  Go there now for lots of gorgeous Gigi and her girlfriends in tight, sexy bondage like this special guest update:
"Left on the sofa tightly bound and gagged I realize I could be here for hours. I pull at the ropes but my bound wrists are attached to my tight crotch rope immobilizing my hands and pinning them to my ass. My elbows are slammed together welded in ropes. My curvy legs are bent and frogtied but at least I have some independent movement in my legs.  My only hope is to try to get to the door and attract some attention, but with my mouth stuffed full and sealed shut in layers of duct tape I can't scream or call for help.  I look around frantically and know my only option is to somehow get to the front door and make enough noise to attract attention.  My first task is to try to get off the sofa without breaking my neck.  I slowly slide one of my legs over the edge but I get scared because I can't reach the floor.  With my leg hanging off it is too late.  I can't get my leg back up on the sofa and I am precariously balanced on the edge of the sofa.  Despite being frightened to fall, I close my eyes and slide my other leg over and manage to get my knees to the floor before I roll over onto the floor.  I catch my breath before beginning the long slow crawl across the floor to the door.  The door seems miles away and I have absolutely no use of my hands or arms.  Only my bound legs, neck and shoulders have any movement to crawl with.  I inch slowly across the floor desperately trying to get to the front door.   Once I manage to get to the door I have no way of opening the door or even getting to my knees.  I can only lay on my side and bang on the door with my stiletto heel in hopes that someone will hear and come rescue me ..."

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