2508 Sandra Silvers & Lisa Harlotte

14:23 video

October 10, 2020
Dreamy Date at the Doctor’s Office for Medical MILF Practitioner & Purloined Patient
Girl Girl Fingering & Oral Orgasms in Bondage Extravaganza!
Part 2 of a 3-Scene Custom Video

Blood pressures rise at the gynecologist’s office as sexy MILF Sandra arrives for her regular check-up. It’s the appointment Dr. Lisa looks forward to all year, her heartbeat rising as the silver haired stunner takes a seat, aware her secretary had blocked out the rest of the day in her diary – in desire of due diligence for her favorite patient…
In Lisa’s minds-eye we enjoy a voyeur’s view over girdle-bound MILF Sandra, as she lies atop a grungy, mildewed mattress and grimy pillow. Leather belts are strapping her curvaceous form – a vision in vintage, open-bottomed shapewear, garters securing tanned toed stocking tops – to the frame of the well-used hospital bed, stained with the struggles of many a patient. Sandra’s gorgeous gynecologist is attending to her internal exam today - Doctor Lisa, the lesbian with luscious blonde locks and a lab coat revealing her butt-naked body beneath. The examination is to be thorough, Lisa sets to work fondling and fingering the fine fettered form of her purloined patient. Lisa turns the bed to a reclining position more appropriate for her attentions, but not too relaxing for poor Sandra as blood rushes to her head; her labored breaths are gasped through a mouth plugged with a panel gag. Lisa straps a powerful vibrator to her hand, a device designed to test the endurance of a patients most private places, and sets to testing and pleasing her patient’s pussy, before ungagging and straddling the silver haired MILF, smothering her face, enjoying the feel of her gasps for air, until Sandra’s tongue finds the clinicians clit to return the orgasms dealt to her in her bound predicament. This devious doctors dream scenario, closes on their kisses…

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