2524 Sandra, Lisa & Constance, Foot Rubs & Forced Orgasms

10:40 video

November 7, 2020
Forniphilia & Foot Worship combine as Domme Sandra Silvers - Sitting Pretty in Vintage Nightgown & Corset -Receives Service from her Human Furniture!  Immobile Bondage Orgasms!

Resident foot slave Constance kneels upon a rug, ready and waiting in the comfortable den room of Silvers House of Servitude.  Her tanned curves covered by a leatherette swimsuit, cuffed at ankles and wrists, thighs bound together with a red strap, topped off with a wide panel gag filling her mouth and padlocked in place under her long brunette locks.  Across from this petite bondage bundle, Lisa stands to attention in cat suit and posture collar, a large red ballgag prizing open her jaw to just past the level of comfortable and into a familiar pleasurable ache caused by sucking on something so big.  She’s strapped tightly to make a useful immobile piece of forniphilia, lighting up the room from a bulb above her blonde head.  This foxy floor lamp’s utility belt contains all the important switches to turn her on… via the strapped in Hitachi wand.

Mistress of the Household Sandra struts into the room, her corset trained waist cinched in black leather, ginormous breasts in their floaty covering of cloth almost escaping at every bouncing stride.  Her stilettos are dutifully removed by Constance as Sandra, sitting pretty, settles down for quiet time reading, to the familiar buzz of her human furniture.  The floor bound foot fanatic eagerly sets to work rubbing every bare toe and pressing the soft pads of Sandra’s soles.  Meanwhile, the relentless white noise vibrating from the lamp continues – forniphillic gagging making drool drop from its chin in long silvery strands of dribble down to the floor – every tightly bound muscle begins to shake, causing the light falling on Mistress’ book to falter, catching the eye of the busty Domme, whose sole worship is too wonderful to disturb. The lamp must endure its turned on state till Sandra is done, not when it is!

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