2648 Sandra Silvers, Nyxon and Lisa Harlotte

17:13 video

June 12, 2021
MILF Roomates Sandra & Lisa Prank their Ticklish Housemate Nyxon with a Barefoot Bondage Tickling Extravaganza in the Kitchen!

Sandra and Lisa, Nyxon’s roommates, had the best idea for a practical joke on their raven haired friend… Hiring a couple of guys to break in, tie her up, gag and blindfold her as a prank then leave her alone, posed as a damsel in distress in her lacey leggings and full body girdle, for the pair to ‘find’ later on…  

In the kitchen of their girly pad the prankster pair find their housemate tethered to a stepstool, struggling and squirming, as she thinks the toughs are still there to torment her.  Blindfolded and cleave gagged with pink bandanas to match the ropes that bind her.  Nyxon is hopping mad (well she would hop if she could -_^ )  as Sandra removes her blindfold to let her see who her real tormentors are!  Surprised with tickling at the hands – and manicured nails – of her roomies, Nyxon can’t help but laugh, louder and louder as Lisa removes her gag!  Her bare feet are propped up and tied to a waiting table for her MILF mates to get the best aim, and close up view, of her fine feet, armpits next, then sides and tummy.  Nyxon can’t understand why they torment her so; the laughter is uncontrollable, “OMG it hurts” she cries, about that pleasurably moreish pain, through her gasping, gulping guffaws.  Bare toes try to save themselves from unrelenting tickle attention, clasping and crunching to their pale skinned soles, but there’s no escape!  Just when Nyxon thinks she can’t take any more Lisa lovingly rubs and smooth’s her soles in a massaging stroke, wrinkled bare feet to manicured hands.  Nyxon relaxing into the moment – for just a moment – until the knotted bandana gag gets placed back between her teeth and she’s left alone to her struggles once more!

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