2674 Sandra Silvers, Constance Coyne, Lisa Harlotte and Lauren Kiley

18:01 video

July 29, 2021
Duct Tape Bondage from the POV of Bound MILF Secretary – See a Trio of Struggling Damsels in Distress Hogtied on Screen!

All she can think of is how to escape; looking around the empty room for some kind of instrument to cut through this strong tape securing her legs and arms, but there’s nothing.  The window seems so close but so far to her, bound on the wooden floor feeling helpless.  She tries to call, her cries sounding echoes around the room through the wodge of fabric stuffed into her mouth, gagging her.  “No one will hear me while I’m gagged like this!” she thinks to herself, looking down at her pantyhosed toes in a moment of hopelessness…  He’s come back! She sees the hulking form of her hijacker helping another taped up damsel into the room!  This silver haired broad has her breasts out, big tanned tits exposed from her satin blouse, and she’s duct taped just the same!  Watching the curvy MILFs eyes widen over the top of nylon clad bare feet, as a short and curvy cutie is bought into the room next, then tall, tied up totty number four, curly hair bouncing against the shoulders of her silky blouse as she is sat down to complete a row of taped up trio opposite their point of view captivated comrade!  We watch POV through the eyes of this anonymous damsel in distress, feeling her struggling efforts quicken against her bondage as the voyeur sees her three taped up mates have their bare boobs or bras pressed into the floor for a hogtie on screen… knowing we’re going to be next but praying that maybe we’ll be spared somehow from what this broad shouldered brute has in store for us next…

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