2682 Sandra Silvers and Caroline Pierce

8:27 video

August 12, 2021
Tresses in Distress! A Trip to the Salon Leaves Sandra in a Sticky Situation – Strapped to the Swivel Chair, Duct Tape Over Mouth – at the Mercy of Crazy Hairdresser Caroline!

Peeping out from among products and styling tools Sandra struggles and strains to see when the hairdresser will arrive. She’s been sitting in the salon chair for what seems an age… but she won’t be going anywhere soon. Her hairdresser - after beckoning Sandra into a back store room that frankly looks like a disheveled dumping ground for disused equipment – has strapped Sandra to the leather swivel chair! Though Sandra can hear the muffled sounds of the salon closing down for the day, the other customers thanking the well-renowned stylist for their super cuts, Sandra cannot call out to them for help, as duct tape strips are stuck firmly over her mouth as a gag! When the building is quiet and only her own whimpers can be heard… Sandra here’s the click of heels against concrete, sashaying into view is the celebrated connoisseur of coiffures Caroline, captivated by curvaceous cuties like silver haired Sandra. Caroline’s going to take her time with this hairdo, keeping the MILF all to herself as she transforms and tantalizes the MILF for a full body experience…

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