2688 Sandra SIlvers and Nyxon

18:07 video

August 21, 2021
Laughter is the Worst Medicine - Frogtied Tickling Frenzy for Busty, Bikini-clad Babe Nyxon, at Doctor Sandra's Tickle Rehab Center!

Busty bikini-clad babe Nyxon had checked herself into rehab for some self-care time. She'd heard the treatments at the Sandra Silvers clinic were a mood boosting, whole body workout that made you smile so much the recovery left with your cheeks aching. Nyxon had been relaxing by the center’s pool, tattooed body in a teeny tiny triangle bikini, snow white complexion catching the rays, when a nurse had appeared to escort her back to her bedroom, and get her prepared for the first treatment of the day.

Now Nyxon is waiting in tied up trepidation, as Doctor Sandra arrives, and begins tickling treatment on her frogtied patient! Bondage therapy is the best, Sandra has discovered in her years of research. The patient's struggles amplify their muscular workout, and as they feel thoroughly helpless with their ankles tied to their thighs, their wrists behind their back, blindfolded and cleave gagged for good measure, they must submit to their treatment completely. Just as poor Nyxon is now, utterly submissive, squealing into her cloth gag... Sandra removes the gag to hear how her patient responds to her fast flicking, red manicured nails moving back and forth from sensitive soft soled bare feet and long toes, to knee and armpits, vulnerable stomach, sides and big breasts - all tickled mercilessly by the MILFy Doctor Silvers. Laughter is the worst medicine, Nyxon discovers!

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