2698 Sandra Silvers and Caroline Pierce - Foot Tickling 101

12:36 video

September 9, 2021
MILFy Mature Student Sandra Silvers Sensitive Soft Soles Studied & Tickled by Teacher Ms. Pierce’s! Barefoot Bondage Tickling!

“Good afternoon class today we are going to go over the basics of tickling. As you can see I have a classic implement right here. Feathers are very effective and useful they may seem like a basic tool but you don't need to have fancy implements tickle. Of course fingers are classic! We all know the fingers are perfect for tickling. But let's start with something like this feather here, just a little light touch with the feather and you get instant response!” Squeals erupt from the cloth gagged, MILFy mature student volunteer tightly tied for Ms. Pierce’s Foot Tickling 101

“Quiet down everybody. Listen!
Let's listen for the modulation in her tones as I apply the feather to her arch. Build up slowly, you don't want to exhaust your subject too soon, just be gentle (for now), and of course, you can use the feathered end, the soft end, but we'll get to the quill part later.
On to the toes! Don't forget to search in all the different little places to find the sensitive spots. Like in between the toe gaps. Some people have one foot that is much more ticklish than the other. So let's compare left and right feet. Such a good subject, so ticklish and you’re so good keeping your toes open for me like that, spread and flexed. Now to go for the pointy end of the feather; here's my favorite of quill techniques. Write your name on wrinkled soles and over wriggling arches!”

Very convenient for the teacher having her voluptuous victim volunteers ankles tied together, meaning the subject on the receiving end of the tickling can't really fold their feet over and try to cover them up, plus a handle so she can get a good grip to hold her struggling, squealing, barefoot tickle tuition!

“Take a breath, my pretty, exhausted article, rest your laughing muscles. We’ve covered all of the basics of tickles today. Class dismissed!”

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