2708 Sandra Silvers and Constance Coyne

13:59 video

September 25, 2021
Pantyhose-d Predicament for Petite Pilfering Perpetrator Constance - Apprehended, Bound & Ballgagged by Mob Mafiosa Sandra Silvers!

Accountant Constance keeps a tight control on her client’s finances, she has to be tough to wrangle the numbers of her Mob Boss clientele, and know exactly what needs to go where in order to balance the books… With a hefty wodge winding its way into her own accounts as she does so! Lately the petite, power suited bookkeeper has felt the heat has been getting a little close for comfort, and with her nervous associates has planned to get out of town – fast! As Constance confidently confirms to her colleague their plans, a shadow crosses the glass doors behind her; MILF Mafiosa Sandra Silvers has over heard the double crossing number cruncher’s plans!
Sandra takes charge of the situation quickly – no one gets to disrespect the Family! – slipping police issue ziptie cuffs on to Constance (always keep a pair handy under your corset -_^ ) and silencing her with a large bandaid laying nearby stuck firmly over her lying lips. Heading to her car Sandra deposits the would-be embezzler inside and heads out the garage on a surprise drive for Constance!  Later on at one of Sandra’s many hideouts, she brings Constance into her 50s sitting room and ties her legs to present a pantyhose-d predicament for the pretty pilfering perpetrator, struggling from couch to rug, before being hogtied on the floor with a giant ballgag keeping her quiet! Sandra has this sticky situation straightened out… to her own gain!

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