2718 Sandra Silvers and Nyxon - Tightly Taped & Tucked Away

12:19 video

October 14, 2021
See-Through Sticky Tape Struggles for Stiletto-d Satin Secretaries Sandra & Nyxon! Mouth Stuffing Gag Vehicular Bondage!

Sent to the office supply store - an out of town warehouse known for it's low low prices on bulk purchase deals - the two satin bloused secretaries had filled their baskets with extra strong parcel tape and were heading to the checkout.  Little did they know the employ assisting them was working his last day, and had yet to receive his leaving bonus...

Sandra and Nyxon have been wrapped up tightly, from ankles to ample chest, in the very tape they came to buy. The hulking form of the opportunist employee had jammed bandanas into each of their protesting red lips, to keep them quiet as he secured the stiletto-d pair in the loading dock out back. His large hand now finishes the job of gagging both busty damsels with more of the see-through sticky tape over their mouths, securing the mouthstuffing gag in place. He's enjoying his bountiful, busty bonus - ripping open silky shirts at the buttons to reveal Sandra's giant, tanned globes and Nyxon's milky white, big breasts.  To keep the taped up twosome tucked away till his final clocking off time, he hops each over to his open van doors, hefting each hotty up inside the dark and dusty interior, slamming the doors on their sticky taped struggles... till he can drive the damsels to their new home.

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