2722 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte and Caroline Pierce

14:11 video

October 21, 2021
Sandra Silvers in the 25th Century – Episode 2 – Secured to Steel, Princess Cardala & Captain Silvers get Groped by Satin Gloved Space Pirate, Pantyhose-d & Bare Feet Tickled!

The year is 1992 and NASA launches the first of America's deep space exploration vessels. After collision with a rogue asteroid Captain Sandra Silvers and her ship are blown out of their trajectory, crashing into an ice moon of Jupiter, freezing her life support systems, until she was found and returned to Earth… 500 years later.

A 20th century astronaut emerges out of 500 years of suspended animation into a future time where Earth is threatened by alien invaders. In Episode 2 Captain Sandra Silvers finds herself secured to a steel device next to her arch-nemesis, the corseted, catsuited Princess Cardala. The pair has been stolen by a Space Pirate, out searching for the most beautiful bounty the Universe has to hold, for she knows there is a buyer out there for this stellar prize pair. Calling in her collection, the Pirate must show off her curvaceous couple of caught companions. First the satin gloved gal of the sky-seas gropes the gigantic breasts of Sandra Silvers, reaching inside white space suite to cop a feel of the Captain’s kahunas. The Princesses perky pair of tits gets firmly squeezed next, then each of their shiny, bound butts. Their potential buyer wants to know if the couple are ticklish, so sliding off her silky gloves the Pirate turns her attention to their feet, removing high heeled stilettoes to perform tickle experiments on Sandra’s pantyhose-d pins and Cardala’s bare feet. Delighted by the ballgagged squeals and moans reaching his ears the faceless buyer flies into make his intergalactic transaction, with three in mind to take back to his ship…
See how Captain Sandra Silvers and Princess Cardala came to be in this predicament in Episode 1

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