2729 Chrissina Lovegag - Sheriff Rookie Trapped!

29:39 video

November 3, 2021
Have you seen the AMAZING self-bondage hi-jinx from Chrissina Lovegag.  She is a bondage-loving gurl from Germany that loves geting tied up so much, she perfected a style of self-tying that is as good as any rigging you will find from professional ropemasters! You have to see this long-legged, buxom gurl in action!  Enjoy this video she has shared with you and then go visit her own website ChrissinaLovegag.com!!  Chrissina writes:

" A new buxom Sheriff is working in town now and her name is Lovegag. Equipped with a big portion of self-confidence, thirts for acton and two huge volupterous boobs, she visit a special man in his house. Mr Garrison, a true criminal elemant and the badest guy in town. The curvy Sheriff introduces herself to him and makes clear, that she don't accept any criminal activities like her predecessor did. But the man isn't very impressed and so he decide to show that disturbing, busty newbie whos the boss in town. With one signal one of his employees is at feet and threat the Sheriff with a gun. She got brought into another room and try to show no nervousness or fear. She got forced to tie herself up with her own cuffs. After that, she got tied up on hr legs and a tight towel added as cleavegag muffles her. But the tough gurl is well prepared. She can open her cuffs and want to call for help with her hiden phone. But she got catched and knoeckd down. As she awakes, she's again tied up on a chair and now her captors will make sure that she learns her lesson. Next the big boobed Sheriff is very strict and uncomfortable tied up in a ton of ropes and a unnatural massive tapegag prevent her from any kind of making noise. She start to struggle arround and moves from her chair to the floor, helpless moaning all along. But she must defeat to her hopeless situation and hope that help will come soon for her before her cruel hosts think about what else they could do with their busty, captured guest... "

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