2734 Sandra Silvers and Nyxon

13:14 video

November 11, 2021
Summertime Struggles in Sundresses for Barefoot Bondage Damsels Sandra & Nyxon - Who Slip Their Ropes to Escape!

Perusing the produce at the Farmer's Market MILF gal pals Sandra & Nyxon lose all track of time. Winding their way through the maze of stalls selling Florida honey, fresh, ripe peaches and other delectable offerings, they reach the edge so late in the day most vendors had packed up and left. The ladies of leisure were in no rush, the day was warm, and this last stall holder packing his van with home spun hemp, jute and cotton rope was so friendly, stopping to have a chat with the pretty pair. In fact, he thought, he could spend all day in their company, and night...

At a lone farmhouse way out of town the rope whipper unloaded his truck of first Nyxon, then Sandra - sandals lost along the road as the twists and turns sent them rolling in their roped predicament - hopping the bound, barefoot women into a disused backroom in his dilapidated abode. Their circle skirt sundresses flip up as he drops them off onto a bare foam mattress in the corner, and heads back to finish unpacking his van. The damsel's struggle-fest efforts are muffled by a knotted red bandana gag in each of their mouths; as they roll and kick their bonds begin to loosen... Together they work at the knots securing their wrists, ankles and knees in a frantic escape attempt before their captor returns!

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