2746 Sandra Silvers, Caroline Pierce and B.O.O.M.E.R.

11:17 video

December 2, 2021
MILF Mummification Machine Covers Caroline Pierce in Clear Plastic for Test Wrap Part 2 – Bondage Tickling at the Hands of Sandra Silvers!


There’s a new installation at the Silverdale Distribution Centre - a device that will aid the facilitation of MILF deliveries all around the globe - for this worldwide, woman wrapping warehouse. Stunningly cat-suited and corseted staff members Sandra and Caroline have been tasked with first testing out Ben’s Orbital Oscillating Mechanized Encasement Reticulator; the machine affectionately known as B.O.O.M.E.R.

Test Wrap Part One saw Sandra experience orgasms inside the wrappings placed on her by the machine – now her colleague Caroline is taking a turn inside the device – with the tables turned and Sandra working the controls that start the powerful motor, mounted on metal rings floating in front of the mummification machine. The silver haired stunner has been thinking up a suitable stress test on the taught, spinning sheath of see-through plastic wrap securely sealing Caroline, and has the perfect plan! Sandra gives her mummified work mate a pat down to ensure the sealing is to her satisfaction, before her torment commences – will the wrapping hold through extreme trials of endurance on the subject inside? A thorough tickling will find out! Taking off Caroline’s stiletto’s Sandra sets to with her red manicured nails upon soft soles, so vulnerable as Caroline’s arms are cocooned by her sides!  Bare feet and arches receive merciless tickling as the mummified MILF moan and squeals in raucous abandon within her bondage predicament, until Sandra leaves the raven haired beauty to recover sealed in the see-thru plastic wrapping.


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