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January 1, 2022
Welcome to the Miss Taken Executive Companion Showcase! 4 Gorgeous MILFs with 4 Special Talents on Display - Tickling, Spanking, Tit Tie Torment & Bound Orgasm Endurance!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 10th Annual Miss Taken executive companion showcase presents the pre-auction presentation and demonstration MILF edition! Now, if you are receiving this encrypted video, you are one of our finest connoisseurs. So, let's show what we have for you to peruse tonight…

First up Sandra; acquired in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this lovely lady attorney from an international law firm, five foot four inches tall with an impressive 36 Double D tanned pair of breasts. She is sexy, curvy and durable. Well what a wonderful special quality Sandra has - orgasm endurance - particularly in the realm of bondage! What a display you will have instore for you on our podium tonight…

Our next offering a man Amanda; acquired in Atlanta, Georgia. She's a bikini model and frequent pageant contestant, a blonde bell with a southern accent. Come on say something with your accent. Oh… that’s some fine gagged talk right there! She's five foot six and a gorgeous 34D, Amanda's special quality is pain endurance, so watch as I tie up these tremendous tits tight as can be!

Third to be introduced before the bidding starts is Lisa, acquired near Wichita, Kansas. She is a corn fed bendy blonde, oh and she's a part time yoga instructor. She's five foot 4 with an ample 36C bust to please. Her special quality is a rather spank-able ass. A cute little butt that bounces every time you give it a slap of the palm… or paddle!

Now here is our most petite offering for the evening. This is Constance, acquired from rural Texas, a fifth generation rancher - she's an expert in riding dressage , she is a dainty five foot one with a wonderful 36 C perky pair of breasts to boot… Cowgirl boots at that! Constance’ special quality is that she is ticklish, with lovely loud laughter and hours of tickling endurance!

But wait!. We have a last minute addition, by special request, we're adding a fifth companion oh this is very exciting. She is five foot six, 36C, she's an elegant dark haired spokesmodel with a background in dance and improv…. Who could this late edition be…

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