2776 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte and Caroline Pierce

13:49 video

January 22, 2022
Kitchen Encounters for 3 Barefoot MILF Housewives – Chair Tied & Gagged OnScreen with Fruity, Juicy Mouthfuls in this Drool Inducing Damsel in Distress Struggle-fest!

The three MILF girlfriends got the shock of their lives as they prepared themselves for bed - stripped down to their girdles, garters, and stocking clad bare feet. The broad shouldered brute appeared as if from nowhere in their countryside home, his handsome heft hulking over the housewives, surprisingly light on his feet as he took them unawares and ordered them into the kitchen. He needed to keep the trio immobile whilst he collected up their jewelry and valuables, so the threesome were securely tethered to their dinette, metal chairs the perfect place to perch them, pantyhose-d toes pointing, tightly secured by the brute’s ropes. Now he’s got them trussed up even tighter than their shape wear hugs their ample curves, he issues them a warning: “I don’t want to hear a peep out of you, for 2 minutes”… leaving the damsel trio alone to find his loot. The opportunity is too much for Sandra, Lisa and Caroline, who cry out in futile hope for help to hear them! Returning, riled now, their imposing intruder grabs a piece of fruit from the bowl on the table top and jams apples and a ripe and juicy pear into one resisting mouth after the other, the gals protestations getting them into quite the drool-inducing predicament! Satisfied with his haul the hostage-holder returns a third time, sealing over the mouth-watering gagging’s with see-though plastic wrap right around each head, and leaving the ladies to linger in their lingerie he bids them goodbye…

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