2802 Sandra Silvers and Lisa Harlotte

12:42 video

March 10, 2022
Tied Up for Trailer Trash Tart to Tease – Sneakers Stolen for a Sporty Sock Reveal of MILF’s Barefeet!

Rival teams at the local league, all-female, Florida Soccer club were due to play at the weekend. Tensions were running high and one coach, of the countryside team, had a plan to ensure her players would have the upper hand over the other side… Sneaking into the changing rooms one night after practice, blond ball player Lisa had waited till her competitor MILF manager Sandra was the last left in the building. Ensuring they were all alone, the hostile handler grabbed her opposition, tying a long length of rope about her wrists, ample bosom in tight white t-shirt, and the legs of her skintight denim jeans before leading her out into the dark… After a long drive out of town Lisa hopped her rival across scrub grass in the middle of no-where to a run-down trailer only she knew the location of in these backwoods. Sandra now a tied up and ballgagged, distressed but desperate to escape her predicament, tries to untie her wrists left tethered to a patio chair and escape while Lisa heads inside the dilapidated mobile home that looks like it’s been standing empty since the 1970s. Just as chair tied damsel Sandra gets near to escaping, Lisa returns with a cigarette in hand. Not phased at all, knowing there is nowhere for the other soccer mom to run to, Lisa takes her time teasing the silver haired MILF; stealing her sneakers to reveal sporty no-show ankle socks, tying her wrists over head to the back of the porch chair, a bandana bandit style over her ball gagged mouth and her nose and adding another bandana cloth over her wide eyes as a blindfold to disorientate her foe from knowing how much time elapses, frustrating any further attempts at escape before the game!

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