2806 Sandra Silvers, with a cameo from Whitney Morgan

11:06 video

March 17, 2022
Tight Jeans and Tight Ropes - Part One - Denim Damsel in Distress!

After hopping the denim-clad, curvaceous captive Sandra Silvers into his hideout, way out of town where not a soul comes by, the brute who bound her in such tight ropes leaves her all alone. Try as she might, Sandra cannot reach the knots that tie her up. Rolling on the floor, kicking her legs in the air, skin tight jeans and high heels above her ample ass, the damsel in distress struggles are futile. This energetic display elicits mmmphs and moans from the cleave gagged gal, through the bandana gagging her lips she grunts and groans but no-one can hear her to help. Thoughts of the past hours run through her mind. The gallant guy offering to assist her as she was loading her vehicle with shopping bags, the strong hand clamping over her mouth, an arm reaching around her bosom clamping her in a vice like grip… then blackness. Arriving in the middle of nowhere and being hopped in bondage to where she now lays struggling. If only there was someone she could call out to… Hearing feet shuffling and the click of a heel on the concrete Sandra’s hopes are lifted for a moment, her eyes catch sight of black leather boots coming towards her – the brute is back, but he is not alone… Part Two coming soon!

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