2832 Sandra Silvers, Caroline Pierce and Whitney Morgan

11:59 video

April 30, 2022
Straight Jacketed Doctor Caroline Receives Revenge Tickling - at the Hands of Her Escaped Inmates Sandra & Whitney! Asylum Agony Episode Three!

Committed couple Sandra and Whitney had been placed in an asylum operated my cruel Doctor Caroline. Stripped down to their pantyhose, placed in a stiff canvas straight jackets with their nylon-clad legs stretched out before them, the pretty pair endured electro-orgasm treatment and were tormented in tickling therapy. Watching the luscious ladies lay in the clinically cold, white room, an orderly decided to bring forward their release day… Now the treatment table has turned and Doctor Caroline has been placed in a straitjacket, canvas straps securing her pantyhosed legs open in a frogged position, a drool inducing 2.5 inch ballgag strapped into her mouth! Silver haired Sandra and blond Whitney have retrieved scrub tops to cover their large breasts now they are free of their previous straightjacket restraints, only pantyhose on their bottom halves, as they clamber near to Caroline to exact their inmates revenge… let the tickling begin! Loud and dribblesome, Caroline cannot contain her squeals, eyes watering and drool flowing, as pedicured nails and taunting fingertips attack knees, thighs, ankles and bare feet. Nylon soles of each foot and vulnerable toes are tickled till the Doctor feels her own sanity may crack, and she is left in an exhausted puddle on the mattress!

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