2834 Sandra Silvers and Amanda Foxx

12:03 video

May 5, 2022
Big Breasted Broads Bound and Bandana Gagged in the Breakers Yard! Damsel in Distress Duo Escape Attempt!

The unwitting women had been going about their day unaware a trip was on their agenda. Had they known perhaps they’d have picked outfits more appropriate for their surprise destination! Bound and cleave gagged by a junkyard dog - before either knew what was happening he had vanished them to the far reaches of his U-Pull-&-Pay stashed inside a stripped out work van. The MILF’s had felt the humid heat of day and damp cold of night come and go; strangers to each other but a comfort none the less as they rest their heads together, exhausted. Startled by a noise outside the van begins to move with the exertions of an unknown mechanic wrenching underneath! Enormous breasts heaving and straining with the struggle to stay upright secured in ropes (those big boobs struggle to stay IN Sandra’s sundress and Amanda’s leopard print bikini!), our damsels call out through their knotted bandana gags to no avail. As they roll around restricted by rusted car parts, Sandra realizes she can reach a knot with her fingers, helping to free her bondaged companion and herself to escape!

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