2846 Sandra Silvers and Lauren Kiley

14:35 video

May 26, 2022
Miss Delivery Chapter 1: Acquired.
All On Screen Take Down, Ziptie Bondage, Gagging and Hooding of Two MILF Socialites!

They were going to be late as it was, and now the doorbell rings! Is this the driver here to take Lauren and I over to the theatre already? Sandra wonders as she reaches the front door, the masculine figure all in black seen through the glass is here to pick up the two women, but there destination will not be such fun for them as a Broadway show! Before Sandra can let out more than a gasp, a latex gloved hand clamps over her red lips, the man in a mask warning her to keep quiet and ensuring her compliance with his steely grip, and that of a ziptie securing her wrists. A cleave gag is tied tightly between Sandra’s teeth, her shapely form manhandled to the floor where she is hobbled in a hogtie, and left for a moment, just long enough for girlfriend Lauren to find her! Just what this broad shouldered brute in black and boots had been looking for… The silver haired MILF socialite and her leggy brunette companion acquired as planned. Wearing satin cocktail dresses and skyscraper stilettos, Sandra and Lauren are accessorized with black hoods over their hair. Their hogtie fastening cut free as they lay on the floor.  Their wrists are left zip-tied behind their backs. Ankles tightly cinched together by the cruel cutting teeth of the cable tie, and they are roughly hop-marched out their front door to the van waiting with its cargo doors swung wide open…

To be continued.

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