2857 Dahlia Lark

16:39 video

June 15, 2022
Dahlia Lark joins us from the awesome bondage site CinchedandSecured.com!

" Kim Possible (Dahlia Lark) has faced countless ruthless criminals and escaped from countless situations, but today, she just may have met her match! While on the trail of a ruthless smuggling operation, she found herself overpowered and bound to a sturdy wooden chair.  The gag in her mouth kept her moans and plaintive cries for help from reaching anyone on the outside, and no one on the inside had any intention of freeing her from her predicament! Soon, the ringleader appeared,  He delighted in re-gagging the helpless crime fighter with a fat red ball on a leather strap which he yanked to brutal tightness! As the ball settled into her mouth, her protests were cut off with a wet gurgle and drool immediately began to seep down her chin. Bent of humiliating the girl, he pulled her shirt up to expose her large, young, natural breasts, groping them as he relished the look of disbelief and fury in her eyes! He left her for a few moments, as he wanted her to have a glimmer of hope regarding escape, but she quickly realized the task was...well, impossible! When he returned, he pasted a length of highly sticky micro foam adhesive over her already gagged mouth, taking time to appreciate the way it allowed the contours of the ball already wedged in place to show through.  He tied loops of rope around each of her big toes and tied them off, pulling the toes into painful contortions as tears welled in her eyes.  He explained that the time had come to abandon this location, but of course, he couldn't leave behind any evidence.  That was why the building was to be destroyed, eliminating the evidence AND the intrepid girl! Now, her mouth plastered shut, her hair matted with drool, her breasts covered with her own spit, she bucked and fought like a tigress against her bonds, trying to ignore the pain in her toes, but in her heart she knew this would be her first unsolved case, and her last evening alive! "

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