3107 Sydney Hale

3:22 video

August 25, 2023
ydney's workout interrupted for impromptu rope tying time... again... A BONUS for Sandra Silvers site members; Sydney Hale videos are included for no additional price!


Another workout hi-jacked! Not sure what my guy was going to make me do this time on the treadmill, I willing played along. He started tying my arms and legs together tightly. Then he added a rope around my neck, I was unsure and a little nervous of what was going to happen next. He then proceeded to tie a really tight crotch rope on me, it felt really good rubbing against me. I was then put in a little predicament when he tied the neck rope around the treadmill, down to me feet and then up to the other side of the treadmill. If I stood up the crotch rope tightened and if I looked down it strained on my neck. Standing there gagged and drooling excessively I struggled until, exhausted, I couldn't struggle anymore! 

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