3115 Sydney Hale - The tiny black dress...

4:37 video

September 8, 2023
ydney becomes hogtied in a tightest of ties after her tiny black dress catches her guy's eye... A BONUS for Sandra Silvers site members; Sydney Hale videos are included for no additional price!


My guy preferred my new black slip that was extremely fitted and hugged every curve of my body and as I walked it slowly would rise up. So when we got home he made me ditch the dress and proceeded to tie me up in it. He tied my legs together really tight, where my ankle bones were rubbing up against each other and then my hands so tight to my body.  He added a chest harness and slowly lifted up my slip exposing my panties, then tied a crotch rope up to the chest harness. He made me hop around, which was hard on my ankles and my balance was off. He gagged me with my white cotton panties and then secured those with an ace bandage. It was hard to breathe, and I pleaded as hard as I could to make him take it off, no such luck. He just got a devilish look in his eye and added another pair of panties to my head and securing those with electrical tape, making it even harder to breathe. I pleaded and moaned enough he took the last pair off, but to make it even more uncomfortable I was tied in a vert tight hogtie, to the point where I could't even roll around. It was very tight and uncomfortable!  

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