3123 Sydney Hale - Asking for it

2:57 video

September 22, 2023
ydney Hale has asked for this... literally... Retro 1950s Housewife Tied Up on the Kitchen Counter & Gagged so she Drools! A BONUS for Sandra Silvers site members; Sydney Hale videos are included for no additional price!



Sometimes when I'm feeling sassy and also want to feel like a 50's housewife I put on my Sunday best! I went about my duties and started cleaning the kitchen. I had just finished when I suggested to my guy that the kitchen island was squeaky clean and could use a little dirtying up! ;) This time I told my guy exactly what I wanted him to do... He tied my hands behind my back and added a TIGHT crotch rope. He then hoisted me on top of the island where I asked for my favorite gag, because it makes me drool like no other! Man handling me a bit he then put me into a frog tie. I was very happy up in in this position, drooling on the island, but my guy didn't like that I was still very mobile up on the counter. He said for my safety I needed to be a bit more secure. He added another long rope around my legs and under the Island, and then a second rope under my arms and around the island. I wasn't going anywhere. I started squirming and moving around, the crotch rope tightened and felt so good.  But I was completely stuck.  All i could do was struggle.  my guy wins again, no chance of escape.  

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