3235 Sydney Hale

2:36 video

April 5, 2024
Sydney Hale gets a tough time at a home yoga session, extra stretches as her elbows and limbs are tightly tied, followed by 3 pairs of panties as a mouthstuffing gag! 

An awkward way to sit... I came home thinking that I could quietly do some yoga before bed. My guy came in asking if he could participate, I agreed thinking he would assist with my stretching, he had something else in mind. He first tied my hands behind my back, saying that if I rolled my shoulders back it would help with my posture and breathing. He then proceeded to tie my leg to the chair, promising I would be put into a very relaxing yoga pose. My other foot was uncomfortably tied to the back chair leg, making me off balance. And then to make matters worse a crotch rope went on, and a ropeb was tied around my neck. He continued to try and calm me and reassure me this yoga pose was going to be amazing. From the neck rope, to the bottom of the chair, to my crotch another rope was added, putting me in a see-saw predicament. I was very uncomfortable and regretting my decision of letting him participate. Lastly he added his final touches, a tight rope around my upper arms to help push my elbows together, and 3 panties in my mouth secured with a gag. And that was how my yoga session went. He left me like that for a long time too!  

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