3251 Sydney Hale

2:19 video

May 3, 2024
Sydney Hale gets hogtied on the coffee table with her new leather harness ballgag! 

I put on some sexy lingerie telling my guy I wanted sexy sexy time. But his version of sexy sexy time and my interpretation is very different. He thought I meant his version, so I flirted with him to the best of my abilities thinking I was finally going to get my way. Then the next thing you know the suitcase is coming out and my ankles and thighs are getting tied very securely. He then tied my hands together using my stomach as an anchor point. Using what I thought was an excessive amount of rope. He was also excited to try out our new leather harness ball gag we got with a 2"" red shiny ball. Of everything that was put on that ball gag was really comfortable, well with the exception of how much more it makes me drool. I was drooling so much I should have had a bucket underneath me. My favorite crotch rope went on to help bring a little more pleasure to me.  In a not so nice way I was flung around on the coffee table so that I was then laying down, making the puddle of drool I drooled be mopped up with my hair and face. I was then hogtied, and my guy thought he was being nice by helping support my head up with my feet, but it did the exact opposite, it was pinching the back of my neck and very uncomfortable. I will take drool in the face over that any day. 


Thank you to Hotbonds for the new gags and gear! 

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