3259 Sydney Hale

2:22 video

May 17, 2024
Sydney Hale tries out her new Hottbonds Gear..Sydney was made for its tight restrictions! 

I was feeling provoked to feel extra super sexy. So I put on my darkest eyeliner and made sure I had some Farrah Fawcet hair action happening, put on my tightest tightest skirt and my sassiest black heels. Gathering from my smirk and sassy attitude my guy had to participate in making me feel even more sexy. Pulling out the nylon straps and started to secure my legs tightly together, making my balance a little off with my heels on. He blindfolded me and told me he would make me look so sexy and to trust him. And I did just that. I let my guy have his way with me. The new panel gag went on very securely followed by my least favorite, the armbinder. The armbinder was straining against my shoulders and XXXX my elbows closer together each time. Additional straps were added around my body securing my arms to my body and adding that much more restraint. He kept telling me how sexy I looked and I kept on believing him. So I let him add more. A rope was added to the top of the harness gag attaching me to the door making it so I could only turn circles like a pretty ballerina. And the final cherry on top was the leather collar. Insisting my muscles to have proper posture. After it was all said and done, I felt very sexy! Cant wait to be like this again....


The new Hottbonds gear is seriously top notch.  I cannot spit these gags out and they are super comfortable at the same time.  A perfect combo for me.  

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