3275 Sydney Hale

5:03 video

June 14, 2024
Sydney Hale, eager for bondage tonight, inspires her guy to play rough after work & ends up in more restrictive rope than she bargained for! 

Like always I was excited to get tied up, I am always eager to get tied up. I decided to go out for a drink after work and ""forgot"" to tell my guy....Thought this would help inspire him ;).  But I'm not going to lie, this one bit me in the ass!!! I REALLY pissed him off, this was the most uncomfortable tie and I hated every minute of it. My arms were tied to my body tightly both at the wrists and above my elbows. Which was a normal start, but then my guy added the tie around my neck and the chest harness this is when it all started to get uncomfortable. He wasn't going easy on me....but guess I asked for it. :) I was placed on the coffee table to sit with my legs crossed. My ankles were tied together in this position and then tied up to my neck and to my chest pulling me to sit forward. The harness ball gag with 2" ball gag went on tightly, messing up my hair. With this new bigger ball gag the amount of drool I produce is crazy. The only place the drool could go was into my lap and on my legs. With this gag I literally can't control it. At this point while being only able to sit forward the chest harness was shoving my shoulders back at any attempt to stretch, causing the rope at my collar bone to dig into my skin. I kept pleading with my guy to let me out, but with the gag in my mouth he didn't understand, or at least he chose not to understand.  Then, in typical fashion, he added ONE more piece of rope....and made things very unpleasant for me.  Every plead of discomfort makes him more excited and ensured I stay in it longer for his pleasure. I can't win them all, and this one was just that! And I still felt like the sexiest girl alive the entire time :D

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