3094 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte & Ami Mercury

24:50 video

August 3, 2023
In Restraint-World, Punishment matches the Crime for Corseted Curvy Couple Lisa & Sandra – Sent to See Stern Ami Mercury for Orgasm Overstimulation! Bonus BTS Bondage Installation!

Led in by tight crotch ropes, Sandra and Lisa are dressed in matching black corsets, high heels, and a posture collar gag. They whimper, wondering what awaits them in this ominous room with metal contraptions and an office desk. As the women are rigged to said metal fixtures, Ami Mercury walks in. Dressed in a catsuit and corset, it’s clear she’s in charge as she casually sits at her desk, reviewing files with a smirk. Sandra and Lisa are tied in a strappado, with the rope attached to their leather harness fixed firmly to the floor. Finally secured, Ami stands from her desk and inspects the women. Apparently, the women have been committing unlawful sexual solicitations! Before they were sent here, however, they were administered something that overstimulated their nervous system and enhanced sensations. Ami feels the best form of punishment is continuing to overstimulate them in order to desensitize them, making them less likely to commit further acts of this nature! Explanation complete, Ami grabs a remote that activates their inserted vibrators! The women jump, moan, and squeal at the increased sensation. Ami is not even close to done, though. She grabs a standard vibrator and begins to first use it on Sandra - as the internal vibrator buzzes on as well! Sandra cries out, completely overwhelmed by the sensation and helpless to stop it as she remains stuck in those strict ties. Next, it’s Lisa’s turn! Ami makes quick work of Lisa, who has a screaming orgasm as she shudders and moans behind the posture collar gag that muffles her noises. Satisfied, Ami has the mysterious man take Lisa away. Sandra, however, still needs a bit more work for her “stubborn” condition! Ami coaxes orgasm after orgasm out of Sandra, who writhes and moans - completely overstimulated! Her legs trembling and bare breasts swaying, Ami laughs and taunts her, alternating between the remote controlled vibrator and the hand held one as Sandra squirms and screams with each bout of painful pleasure teased out of her! Now satisfied, Ami picks up the phone, letting the person on the other end know that Sandra is ready for pickup - her rehabilitation complete.

BONUS BTS includes Sandra getting her posture collar gag removed, and a view of both ladies’ beautiful behinds as they wiggle and squirm getting rigged into place, and also as they have round after round of bound orgasms at the hands of Ami!

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