3096 Sandra Silvers

11:54 video

August 5, 2023
Plucky P.I. Purloined, Progressively Gagged & Prevented from Escaping the Clutches of her Captor! Part 1 of a 2 part Sandra Silvers P.I. Installment!

There's been a rash of ransom demands recently. The hostages are all beautiful professional women who work in the BenCo highrise. Even after the ransoms were paid, the missing women have not been released. Sandra Silvers P.I. was deep undercover as a newly hired receptionist. She hoped to get the attention of whoever was taking the secretaries, so she'd worn her sexiest outfit: sleek tan pantyhose stretched over her shapely legs, a tiny grey skirt barely coverering her rear end, a snakeskin blouse unbuttoned to reveal a cavern of cleavage, and matching snakeskin stillettos with hot pink soles. Unfortunately, her ruse seems to have worked TOO well!

Our single-minded sleuth is sprawled on the shag carpet, struggling to untie the knotted cotton ropes keeping her curves confined. A pair of pantyhose cleaves her mouth and muffles her moans, though it seems she’s not being quiet enough. Suddenly she's surprised by her captor,  who adds a tight Hollywood-style bandanna gag over her mouth. She's left to squirm and wiggle some more, showing flashes of pink lacy panties, still attempting to loosen her bothersome bindings. Her keeper returns,  now several strips of electrical tape have been wrapped around our helpless heroine's head, and her blouse has been unbuttoned further, exposing her pink lacey bra adding to her humiliation!

Just when it seems that all hope is lost, the delinquent deserts our damsel detective, and she’s able to slip out of the ropes wrapped around her hands! She frantically fumbles to remove the rest of her restrictive restraints, but it's taking far too long. Before she’s fully free, her imprisioner returns! Will our gumshoe get away? Stay tuned for the answer, in an upcoming episode of Sandra Silvers, P.I....

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