3102 Sandra Silvers & Ariel Anderssen

22:47 video

August 17, 2023
Bound, Barefoot Beauty Enjoys Sponge Bath from Sandra Silvers & Endures Strict Bastinado from Ben! CMNF-BDSM!

Ariel kneels nude, and waiting, rope-rigged to a steel device mounted upon a wooden rolling platform. Sandra Silvers enters, using a bucket and sponge to efficiently wash every inch of Ariel’s body. Ariel squirms and tries to ask what’s happening behind her gag, but Sandra gives no response. She simply continues to sponge her down with cold water until her body is dripping! Finally, Ariel is dried off by Sandra who then exits. What’s next? All alone, Ariel squirms. A mirror is then placed in front of Ariel by a mysterious man. He inspects her, fondling her freshly washed breasts. He binds her feet higher so they’re well presented….and then pulls out the cane! Long and thin, both cane and man are merciless in tormenting Ariel’s toes. Swat after swat is administered as she grunts and screams from behind her tight black ball gag. More inspections are made, and soon he begins binding her long blonde hair to the pole behind her. Poor Ariel! Already rigged so she’s made to kneel on her knees, if there was any question about her helplessness, it’s solidified now. Satisfied by his adjustments, he gets back to administering bastinado. Stifled shrieks as she suffers show the intensity of his swats on her beautiful bare feet which curl and wiggle with each hit in this CMNF BDSM predicament - but escape is hopeless. Dozens and dozens of cane strikes are administered to Ariel’s feet before he decides he’s satisfied with her suffering, and leaves. Sandra enters again, this time with lotion, massaging Ariel’s feet sensually and thoroughly, respite after the torment they’ve endured.

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