3104 Sandra Silvers

11:53 video

August 19, 2023
Seated Sandra Struggles In Strict Chair Tie & Cleave Gag Until Cops Come! TMNT Cosplay: Satin Secretary Sandra Starring as April O'rdeal!

April O'rdeal (Sandra Silvers) sits chair tied in rope bondage, humming and wiggling while waiting. With a news caster's camera set up in the corner, she doesn’t seem terribly concerned about her predicament! Until it seems like whoever she’s waiting for hasn’t come to untie her! The yellow shirted sonsie Sandra struggles slightly, her satin blouse open just enough to give you a sneak at her white lace bra underneath and her jiggling jugs as she strains against the ropes. She groans behind her cleave gag, her impatience beginning to highlight her predicament. Restless, she wiggles against the ropes wound around her entire body. Soon, she struggles with more spirit, her yellow heels kicking and stomping as best she can with such tightly layered ankle ropes. She tries to get free - but the rest of her beautiful body is bound just as tightly to the chair she’s sitting in! Her chest bound and her midsection layered with multiple rounds of rope, escape seems impossible! She grunts and cries for help behind the cleave gag continually. Her panic persisting, she struggles and struggles with no success…until the sound of police cars and lights fill the room! It seems Sandra is saved!

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