3106 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte & Gia Love

15:53 video

August 24, 2023
Terrific Titted Twosome in Tights Try to Escape from Seedy Seventies Motel & Strict Ties - while Blindfolded!

Poor P.I.s! It looks like our peril prone investigators are immobilised once more. Laying on a bed, Sandra Silvers and Gia Love are in the process of being further bound into a hogtie! The beauties have also been blindfolded and gagged with thick white strips of ripped cloth.  Finishing up, the broad shouldered, blond bearded brute who bound both broads, tells his accomplis - luscious Lisa Harlotte - to wait while he grabs another getaway car. Lisa is nervous, pacing back and forth, smoking a cigarette while the women struggle before her. She waits and waits for him to come back with another car, ignoring the women’s whimpers. Suddenly the phone rings! It seems there’s been a complication - Ben hasn’t come back with a car and the motel is supposed to be empty by 7! Lisa is getting more and more agitated as the call continues and finally she balks at the entire situation, deciding to bail! The two are left hogtied, thrashing on the bed in nothing but ropes and dark pantyhose. Wrists bound, big breasts bound, and legs bound in multiple places, it seems like the well endowed women’s chances of escape are hopeless! After a long while of wiggling though… Sandra soon breaks free of her binds! She helps Gia and, finally rid of the rope, they pick up the phone to call for help!

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