3112 Sandra Silvers & Liz River

15:43 video

September 2, 2023
Satin Blouse Wearing Busty Beauties Captured, Cloth Bound over Blouses & Jeans, Before Bras Exposed!

Sandra Silvers and Liz Rivers seem to have gotten themselves into a tricky situation! The scene opens to them on a couch, dressed in silk blouses, blue jeans, and heels. But trouble begins when you realize they’ve been bound with ripped white bed sheets! They struggle and strain against the ties on their ankles, calves, and wrists - and a nice wide cloth gag has  been tied tightly around their mouths, muffling their whimpers and calls for help. Abruptly, their captor walks in with another bedsheet and begins to bind them even more. They protest, struggle, and plead, but the man takes no heed - they need to be tied! He adds a chest harness on each woman, enhancing the already enticing sight of their breasts, then walks away. The women wiggle harder, calling for help behind the cloth, kicking their heels, and  squirming helplessly. They even sit closer to one another, trying to help each other untie their wrists - but the man comes back! This time, he has his boss on the telephone and teases them about their tied state. Hanging up, he grabs more strips of bed sheets to secure their arms…before unbuttoning their blouses! Shocked, they struggle harder with muffled pleas not to… but he takes no notice. Now, bras exposed and breasts bouncing as they wiggle against their restraints, you get a nice look at the pair of pleading prisoners. Wide eyed they wiggle against their ties, but it’s simply useless. Suddenly there’s the sound of a police siren! The women yell louder behind their white gags, rejoicing as rescue arrives.

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