3114 Sandra Silvers & Lisa Harlotte

12:43 video

September 7, 2023
Tied Up and Toes Sucked, Sandra Struggles Against Lisa’s Lustful Licking! Bound Foot Worship!

Seated Sandra Silvers is quite a sight, with a tightly wrapped cleave gag her toes on display, and bound in a lounging position in pantyhose and a tight dress. Clearly the damsel doesn’t know where she is, struggling in her seat desperately. Soon, Lisa Harlotte enters the room in a white shirt and jean shorts. Silently she traces her fingers over the struggling Sandra’s body, before pulling up a chair…and putting Sandra’s toes in her mouth! Sandra yells and cries out from behind her red cleave gag, but Lisa keeps going, paying her no mind. The only thought is of Sandra’s toes - and nothing will keep them from Lisa! Lisa rips Sandra’s      pantyhose, putting Sandra’s perfect feet into her pretty mouth once more. She trails her tongue up and around each and every toe, savouring her soles sensually and silently. Sandra tries to get away, but with her body bound, she soon has no choice but to give in to the pleasure of this peculiar exchange! Her whimpering subsides, her struggles soften, and soon Sandra is moaning with pleasure! Lisa continues to lick, lingering on each and every toe with her tongue for quite a time before turning to the next one. With all ten toes worshipped by Lisa’s wet mouth, she strokes Sandra’s soles one last time before leaving the room. Soon Sandra snaps out of her sensual stupor, struggling again!

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