3120 Sandra Silvers

29:16 video

September 16, 2023
One Night Stand Sends Sandra Silvers on a Series of Bondage Challenges: Tied Up Bondage Hopping to Taped Up Bound Orgasms! A Fan's Custom Request!

Sandra is delighted to have spent time with you, and with her staying so late, decides it would just be better for her to spend the night. Drifting off with promises of making breakfast in the morning, she then awakens. She shrugs the blankets off, squirms, and then gasps - confused as to why she’s all bound up! Sandra calls for help, trying her best to get free of the ties before reluctantly realising she can't escape.  Hopping around the house while bound in search of her date, her ankles are tied, her knees are bound, and her wrists are bound behind her back! She hops more, doing her best not to fall in the tight bondage as she goes from room to room. She opens a door, sits on a couch to get her energy back before hopping… right into the hands of her date! He puts his hand over her mouth, tauntingly asking if she’s staying for breakfast - before ushering Sandra into another room. The scene opens once more, this time to Sandra tied to a chair! Her nightshirt has ridden up and you get to see her trimmed pussy, nestled against a vibrator tied between her thighs! Her date then shoves a thickly wadded sock into her mouth, before sealing it in with a multiple wrap around tape gag. Sandra is stunned, wide eyed, and pleading as her date proceeds. He then takes the duct tape and secures the damsel further to the chair, taping under and over her breasts, and even taping each thigh. Poor Sandra, if she thought she was stuck before, she’s certainly stuck now! With the vibrator buzzing away, her date leaves, now leaving Sandra to cry out, cumming and calling for help as the chair scoots around from Sandra’s struggling.

BONUS BTS includes Sandra unwrapping her tape gag nice and slowly, each long strip shown as she  finally frees her mouth - before being wheeled laughing into another room by Ben!

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