3127 Adara Jordin

21:12 video

September 29, 2023
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Sexy Bank manager Adara always new that her position could have some risk involved just from being in the banking industry and all the cash that flows through her bank. However it's not cash that has her in trouble. What i am after is the large deposit of diamonds that her bank willbe receiving in the next few days. Adara's problem? This sexy lady is the only one that knows the shipment information that i need to know to plan my heist. So Adara fnds herself XXXX, held hostage and tormented for this valuable information. Adara is sexy and tough and she will not give up the information easily. This makes my task more difficult, but also much more fun. The more she resist and holds out, the more she is tormented and the more I enjoy it. This sexy bank manager holds out and edures Breast and Nipple torture without spilling the information. But everyone has a breaking point. Sit back and enjoy part 1 of this series and let's see just how much Adara is willing to take before she breaks. Join today or download individually and enjoy this sexy damsel in distress. Her torment and torture continues as the tens unit is applied to her exposed breasts. Just how much can this sexy damsel continue to take before she gives up the valuable information. Adara fights and struggles as her captor continues to turn up the power on the tens unit. Will she break? just how much can she take? She's tough, but her captor enjoys his interogation techniques and is willing to torment his sexy damsel as long as it takes to break her. Sit back and enjoy of this series starring the sexy Adara Jordin.

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