3130 Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte & Whitney Morgan

12:08 video

October 5, 2023
Undercover Agents Sandra & Whitney Surprised by Assailant in a 1970s Cop Shop! An S.S. P.I. Installment!

“So how’s that case going?”
“It won’t be long until we drag her in…”
Casually chatting, Sandra Silvers and Whitney Morgan are in the office sitting at a desk. Suddenly, they’re surprised by an intruder who quickly handcuffs their wrists and ankles. They yell and protest…but the intruder is unfazed. They continue to cry out and plead, and soon the intruder decides to shut them up. She rummages through the desk, revealing cloth and tape.

“What are you gonna do with those??”

Casually, the cloth is shoved into Sandra’s mouth, followed by two strips of tape that are secured over her mouth. Sandra struggles against the woman, shaking her head, hoping the movements will make her change her mind - but it’s hopeless. Whitney, hoping to avoid having the same done to her has hushed, but the intruder’s attention still turns to her as she finishes with Sandra. The same is inevitably done to Whitney, who tries to plead as the intruder approaches, asking if a gag is really necessary - before it’s placed roughly in her mouth, too! Sandra is placed on her stomach, struggling on the desk a little before being placed in a hog cuff. While this hog cuff happens, Whitney tries to hop away - but is caught and cuffed to Sandra! Seething, they struggle together as the surprise invader casually pulls up a chair to watch them wiggle. With their handcuffs against their heels, their squirming in short skirts, and their stifled shouts, the helpless handcuffed hotties are a delight to watch as they desperately look for escape!  Raiding the desk, the intruder discovers documents and, satisfied, leaves the unwitting women who keep looking for a way out. It turns out this was the perp they were planning to put away! Whitney tries to find a solution to uncuffing them both, but they’re completely helpless without a key for the handcuffs. Wiggling and whimpering, they wonder what to do next just as the phone suddenly rings - frustratingly out of reach.

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