3136 Sandra Silvers & Liz River

14:22 video

October 14, 2023
Seventies Swimsuit Stunners Struggle in Silver Tape Bondage - Barefoot & Trying to Escape!

Sandra Silvers and Liz Rivers sit in their swimsuits tape tied, with Sandra in a leopard swimsuit and Liz in a black and white one-piece.  In such classic tape bondage ties - the sight is a treat as they wiggle their bare toes and try to talk behind their tape gags! The  treat gets tastier as you gaze at the damsel’s décolleté on display as the tight tape binds their chests!  After a few minutes of struggling and squirming, a mysterious man suddenly walks in! He inspects their gags to make sure the tape is nice and secure….Then his hands wander down to their chest! He squeezes their breasts, then pulls them out of their swimsuit. The bound beauties are mortified and when the man walks away they wiggle harder, desperate to escape! With their ankles, calves, upper thighs, chest and wrists tape tied though, it won’t be an easy feat. Liz struggles so hard she even falls to her side! Then Liz has a bright idea…
After a few tries,  Liz uses her toes to open the shelf behind them! Once open, Liz then uses her toes again to grab something that will help cut them free! Her bound bare feet curling and wiggling as she works are especially sexy, shown off as she picks the tool up with her toes. Successful she passes it to Sandra first, who gets her wrists loose, then helps Liz with her wrists as well! With their hands free the girls set to work on getting the rest of their bodies free, struggling and squirming until the duct tape falls off. Relieved, the girls slide into their heels a little unsteadily then make their escape.

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