3142 Sandra Silvers & Tomiko

11:45 video

October 26, 2023
1970s Private Eye Duo Turned Sweater Bound Damsels in Distress - Taken & Taped Up While Tailing a Crook!

Tomiko and Sandra were on to a sure thing, following a tip off on the nefarious crook they’d been after for time. Or so they thought! The tip off took them straight into his well laid plans to tackle the crime fighting duo, keeping them contained whilst he fled the State. The Fall light fills the motel room he stashes the beautiful, but beleaguered big breasted women in. Clear packing tape keeps their limps contained, wrapped around plain clothes uniform of denim jeans and sweaters. He has to keep the two MILFs quiet too, ramming a mouthstuffing of cloth bandanna into both protesting jaw. All sealed in with sticky see through sellotape. A quick check that the coast is clear, and the cable knit crook clears off… or has he?

Featuring: Sweater Bondage, Wool Bondage, 70s Detectives, P.I. Peril, Damsel in Distress, Tape Bound, Tape Gag, Mouth Stuffed, Gagged Women, Struggle Bondage, MILF Bondage

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